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The biological, hydrological and engineering expertise of our restoration teams is used to recreate historic conditions and to enhance biological and wildlife communities. Historical uses of properties may include clear-cutting of forests, construction of roads and bridges, and the installation of drainage ditches and culverts, all of which can alter site hydrology, reduce flood storage capacity and/or degrade water quality. Ecosystem Renewal can perform a complete hydrologic analysis of a site and design improvements to restore natural systems.


What We Do

  • Initial field observations to document existing site conditions and research to establish historic hydrologic patterns.
  • Wetland delineation and USACE jurisdictional determination requests.
  • Evaluation of existing site conditions to evaluate impacts of current site alterations and design of hydrologic enhancements to restore historic site conditions.
  • Utilization of computer models to predict run-off conditions and model historic and existing flow conditions.
  • Conceptual hydrologic plan development for the project.
  • Submittal of Prospectus and Mitigation Bank Instrument Application for mitigation banking along with responses to Request for Additional Information to federal, state and local agencies, as applicable, for review and approval.
  • Development of cost estimates and construction schedules.
  • Design of on-site wetland restoration, enhancement, and creation areas.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.
  • Application of Clean Water Act, 33 CFR Part 320, 40 CFR Part 230.